Dudas Law is committed to your health and safety and that of our staff. As we reopen, we are establishing protocols to eliminate as much in-person contact as possible.

To pay fees, even if you’re in the office, please consider paying online with a credit or debit card.

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We will be wearing masks in any encounters with the public. All persons physically entering the office are respectfully asked to mask up and practice social distancing. We have disposable masks available to you on site. Unless deemed absolutely necessary, clients may not bring anyone with them to office conferences.

Attorney availability for in-person conferences will be limited. We strongly encourage you to continue to use video or telephone conferencing. Zoom is easier than you might think, so consider giving it a try if you haven’t already.

At Dudas Law, we are a team of principled lawyers in downtown Richmond, Indiana. We strive to provide our clients with skilled, efficient, compassionate legal services. As your attorney, our goal is that you leave the situation with your dignity intact, retaining tools for future conflict resolution. We will clearly communicate what we are doing and why we are doing it. We will be there to help ease your burdens with a friendly smile to get you through the rough spots.

We promise clear and frequent communication, efficient and quality advocacy, civility in the face of discourtesy, respect for the legal system, and resolutions that promote individual dignity and peace. Courts expect to resolve cases, not referee them; to that end, we conduct ourselves in ways that are productive to moving a case towards efficient resolution first and litigation second. The time may come for “litigation mode;” but our primary focus is to help our clients find peaceful and fair outcomes. We don’t burn bridges, and we encourage our clients to find the value in maintaining relationships.

We offer services in a wide variety of legal areas:

  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate
  • Business Law
  • Mediation

Our lawyers, Amy Noe Dudas and Jessica L. Richert, are passionate about helping people in Richmond, Indiana. Being a great lawyer means listening to you so we can fully understand your goals. As most clients learn, results at trial are rarely fully satisfying for either party. Most judges believe if both sides leave their courtroom a little unhappy, they probably got it right. Because of this, we strive to help you find a resolution that not only solves the immediate problem at hand but also provides you with the tools you need to head off future conflict. If, however, we are unable to find a mutually satisfactory resolution, we have the skills and confidence to guide you through the stressful litigation process.

We relish our roles as peacemakers and problem solvers. That is, ultimately, why we signed up for the privilege of practicing law. And we take very seriously the privilege of serving you.

Our primary areas of service include Richmond, Liberty, and Connersville in Wayne, Union, and Fayette counties, Indiana.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Richmond lawyer, please call us at 765 965-3330. You may contact us by filling out the form below; however, we cannot schedule an appointment, evaluate your case, or give legal advice online. Most importantly, the information you share with us online is not considered confidential. This is for very general information only.

Please remember that no attorney-client relationship is established until you execute a written agreement with us. Please be discrete in what you reveal over the phone or the Internet.