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Amy is trained and registered in Indiana as both a family and civil mediator. She can offer private mediation services and is often appointed as a mediator by the Courts. A mediator does not represent either party in litigation but assists all parties in finding compromise in the interest of settling the case in a way that everyone can live with. Mediation is often a less expensive alternative to litigation, and most participants feel much more satisfied with the result.

Judges and lawyers often say that if both sides leave the courtroom unhappy, the judge has made the right decision. And that’s largely true – it’s rare that litigation will give either side a feeling that they “won.” Rather, you may walk away feeling as though you didn’t get to say everything you wanted to (because of necessary but restrictive evidentiary rules), that the judge seemed unsympathetic, and that you got beat up pretty hard by your opponent’s attorney.

Wouldn’t you rather engage in a process designed to assess your goals and expectations, implement problem-solving and peace-making tools to achieve long-term resolutions, and make all parties feel as though they were heard and the outcome was fair (even if it wasn’t the full-blown “win” you wanted)?

Consider mediation. Inquire further to determine if it may be right for you.


I offer a comprehensive menu of options specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the philanthropic sector. I have been practicing law in Richmond, Indiana, for twenty years. Throughout that time, I have been actively engaged in serving nonprofit organizations on their boards as both a volunteer and more formally in a legal capacity. My education and experience in practicing law, diverse experiences in developing board structures and nonprofit management policy, and ongoing educational pursuits in philanthropic studies and public policy analysis provide a unique opportunity for nonprofit organizations to gauge their effectiveness with a thorough review and ongoing monitoring and analysis of their structure, policies, procedures, and field-specific issues.

Many nonprofit organizations understandably struggle with maintaining institutional knowledge, consistently following policy and procedure, and ensuring relevancy in an ever-changing philanthropic environment. I stay current in the best practices of the sector and can provide tailored services to meet your organization’s needs. And if you’re not yet a nonprofit organization but want to become one, I can provide everything you need to get you up and running.

My Nonprofit Legal Services & Consulting includes general legal services and policy and governance consulting such as:

  • board structure, meetings protocol, record-keeping, and reporting requirements
  • review and recommendations of corporate documents
  • legal analysis and advice on employment-related matters, contracts, liability
  • compliance with 501(c)(3) requirements
  • mission review, development (fundraising) practices and procedures, volunteer retention and outreach, financial systems, budgeting, and overall nonprofit management
  • grant writing and review
  • targeted research, analysis, and recommendations on field-specific projects, programs, policies, and advocacy
  • legislative monitoring
  • pre-litigation evaluation, notices, and correspondence
  • litigation collaboration with trial counsel
  • cooperation and communication with auditors, CPAs, and tax preparers

Interested? See Dudas Law’s Nonprofit Legal Services & Consulting Menu for your options.