We’re Revisiting Our Health & Safety Protocols

As Indiana continues to struggle with controlling the spread of COVID-19, we at Dudas Law have determined to revisit our health and safety protocols to ensure that all of us and all of you remain healthy and virus-free. You may recall that we closed our doors to the public on March 20, 2020, and reopened to the general public on July 6, 2020.

While we are not closing the office in favor of fully remote staffing yet, we are restricting in-person visits to only those which are deemed essential – will signings and execution of documents requiring a notary, for example. Such in-person encounters will last only as long as necessary to sign a document and drop off large volumes of documents. We will have any lengthier discussions, preparation meetings, question-and-answer sessions, and the like, via remote audiovisual or telephone conference. This will include mediations as much as practical.

While not ideal, it can work. We can review documents together via Zoom and even virtually make notes on them to foster better understanding. With a little patience and practice, you may actually prefer it sometimes!

Although Wayne County’s score dipped slightly last week, we could be doing better. The hospital is nearing capacity on bed space. We are fortunate in that much of our work can be done as effectively, and sometimes more efficiently, remotely, as Dudas Law has been using technology that allows for remote access for quite some time. While some businesses and workers are unable to do their work remotely at all, we certainly can. We will do our small part in reducing the number of people who must gather in the hopes of helping mitigate the spread of this deadly virus.

Stay safe, and we look forward to an end to this global crisis.

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